Mastering Essential Romanian Phrases for Travelers (2024)


Embarking on a journey to Romania offers a unique blend of cultural richness, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality. While English, French, and German are widely spoken in urban areas, venturing into the countryside unveils a need for basic Romanian phrases. Mastering these expressions not only facilitates communication but also endears you to the locals. In this comprehensive guide, we'll equip you with essential greetings, everyday phrases, and practical language for various scenarios.

Greetings and Everyday Essentials

1. Salutations

  • Salut / Bună ziua (Boo-noh zi-ua): Mastering these greetings, with "salut" being more informal and "bună ziua" formal, opens doors to genuine interactions. In rural areas, expect warm greetings from everyone.

2. Asking How Someone Is

  • Ce faci? (che fatch): A common way to ask "How are you?" Use "ce faceți?" in more formal settings.

3. Expressing Well-being

  • Bine (bineh): Respond to the "ce faci?" question with "bine," signifying that you're doing well.

4. Simple Affirmation and Negation

  • Da / Nu (Dah / Noo): "Yes" and "No" are indispensable words for accepting or declining offers.

5. Showing Gratitude

  • Mulțumesc (Mool-tzu-mesk) / Cu plăcere (Koo pla-che-reh): Politeness matters; express gratitude with "mulțumesc" and reply with "cu plăcere."

Conversational Phrases

1. Introduction

  • Cum te cheamă? (Koom-teh-kyahm-uh): When meeting someone new, expect to be asked "What's your name?"

2. Polite Interruptions

  • Scuze (Sku-zeh): Whether in a crowd or seeking directions, use "scuze" for effective communication.

3. Toasting in Romanian Style

  • Noroc! (No-rok): Impress your Romanian friends by toasting with "noroc!" instead of the usual "cheers!"

4. Bid Farewell

  • La revedere! (La re-ve-de-reh): Saying goodbye is easy with "la revedere," akin to "until the next time."

5. Admitting Lack of Comprehension

  • Nu înțeleg (Nu in-te-legh): When things get complicated, admit "I don't understand" with "nu înțeleg."

Navigating Directions

1. Left and Right

  • La stânga / La dreapta (la stin-gah / la dreap-tah): Understanding these directional cues can be helpful in navigating Romanian surroundings.

2. Moving Straight Ahead

  • Drept înainte (dreapt i-na-in-te): When instructed to go "straight forward," simply continue your path.

Dining Out

1. Locating the Bathroom

  • Unde este toaleta? (un-deh es-teh to-a-le-tah): In restaurants or bars, inquire about the bathroom with this essential question.

2. Requesting a Menu

  • Ne puteți da un meniu? (ne pu-te-th da un me-niu): Some places may not offer a menu immediately; politely request one with this phrase.

3. Exploring Traditional Cuisine

  • Mâncare tradițională (man-ca-reh tra-dith-o-nalah): Immerse yourself in Romanian culture by inquiring about "traditional food" at restaurants.

4. Quenching Thirst

  • Apă (apa): When dining, ask for "water" as it's not complimentary, especially with hearty Romanian dishes.

5. Complimenting the Chef

  • Delicios (de-lih-cious): Show appreciation for a delightful meal by expressing that it was "delicious."

Shopping at the Market

1. Inquiring About Prices

  • Cât costă? (Cat kos-tah): Ensure you're getting quality products at the market by asking "How much does it cost?"

2. Verifying Freshness

  • Sunt proaspete? (sunt proas-pe-teh): For fresh produce, confirm by asking "Are they fresh?"

3. Quantity Request

  • Vreau (number) kilograme (vreau ki-lo-gram-eh): Specify the quantity you want by stating "I want (number) kilos."

Numbers in Romanian

  • Unu: one
  • Doi: two
  • Trei: three
  • Patru: four
  • Cinci: five
  • Șase: six
  • Șapte: seven
  • Opt: eight
  • Nouă: nine
  • Zece: 10


Mastering these essential Romanian phrases enhances your travel experience, fostering meaningful connections with locals. Embrace the language, savor traditional cuisine, and navigate the enchanting landscapes with confidence. As you embark on your Romanian adventure, let these phrases be your key to unlocking the heart of this captivating country. Safe travels!

Mastering Essential Romanian Phrases for Travelers (2024)


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